Our Products

JAG (Just Audio Gear) completely focuses on headset microphones. This means every effort is taken to produce the most sturdy, discrete and serviceable headsets with a sound that reaches way beyond its price range. Result: extremely well sounding microphones that survive in even the roughest circumstances in a theatrical environment. The headband/mic boom combination is widely adjustable. JAG is an Australia-based designer and manufacturer.

The JAG IM5A is aimed at cost-conscious stage production and rental companies that need a well build and easy to maintain headset with a sound quality to satisfy experienced users and that responds well to EQ. The JAG IMX6A - in its various shapes - is discrete, due to its 3mm capsule, and will sonically rival any headset microphone up to three times its price. Without any hesitation the IMX6A can be utilized for even the most demanding classical singers.