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Gijs Steenbergen

Unieke Zaken

Gijs Steenbergen, engineer of the play Apollo 11, chose JAG IMX6A headset microphones mainly because of their natural sound. "The best thing about the JAG microphones," Gijs says, " is their lack of over-exited high frequencies most other headset microphones show. They really need a minimum of EQ'ing, which was the first thing that struck me when using them on stage. Actually, I don't want to hear microphones. We're using mics because there' s a live band playing on stage as well, so we need them, but the sound of the JAG IMX6A is so smooth that I tend to forget we're using microphones anyway."

Paul van Velsen

Eventury Productions

"They're robust, very reliable, they sound well, but the most important thing is their adjustability", Paul van Velsen reports. "People that have been using our IMX6A's tell us the mics are easy to use and in particular women are surprised they fit around their heads so easily, where with headset microphones from other brands they always end up struggling before they fit comfortably."

Seth Mook

Mook Geluidstechniek

For Bos Theaterproducties Seth Mook takes care of the sound of the play De Verleiders Female. One of the actresses specifically requested a microphone that doesn't need to be secured with tape. It turned out that the IMX6A was the only headset mic that fulfilled this requirement. The headband can easily be shaped to fit perfectly so the actress can completely focus on her playing. Of course the IMX6A satisfies the high demands Seth Mook has concerning sound quality as well.

Paul van Schaik

P&P Performance

Paul van Schaik was immediately taken by the intelligibility of JAG microphones. "They sound clear without being harsh in any way", says Paul. "And they produce very few background noises when for instance they're used by people that wear a beard or when they're worn next to the skin. The sound quality is better then anything else within this price range and the headbands are sturdy and easy to adjust. They're my favorites!"